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To add even more versatility, the CAPRA 29 features a Flip Chip that lets you adjust the headangle by 0.5 degrees to really adapt the bike to your riding style and the terrain. Thanks to our usual low leverage ratio, the V4L kinematics deliver performance rarely seen outside a pure DH bike YT Capra Details • Intended use: enduro / freeride / DH • Wheel size: 27.5 or 29 • Rear wheel travel: 170 or 160mm (29), 180 or 170mm (27.5) • Aluminum and carbon frame option The new CAPRA delivers the most advanced combination of trail bike agility and traction at downhill standard. The metric 230mm shock delivers the solid suspension travel of the CAPRA with a low leverage ratio and fully convinces with a performance that's hardly ever seen away from downhill courses This year brought more refinements to the Capra than just another wheel size. A few subtle changes include a metric shock and lower leverage ratio. And across the Capra lineup, YT specs 9t - 46t e*thirteen cassettes and Shimano derailleurs. You'll get a wider range then Eagle, even on the $2500 Capra AL

2020 YT Industries CAPRA 29 AL Comp - Specs, Reviews

The all-new Capra is available in two wheel sizes—29 inches and 27.5 inches. According to YT, the 27.5-inch model appeals to riders who love airtime and crave an agile feel. The 29-inch version, on the other hand, appeals to riders who want to roll over anything with precision and control. We opted for the 29-inch model. Our bike featured 160mm of travel, and while we've ridden 29ers with similar travel in the past, this new wave of 29ers, including the Capra 29, balances descending and. Since the latest top-end Metric shocks ride a little higher in the stroke, YT has increased the starting leverage ratio and reduced end progressivity by around 8% (the original Capra was already one of the most progressive rigs around). This change aims for more plushness and sensitivity off the top, while retaining mid stroke support YT Capra CF Pro Race 27 and 29. Capra 29 CF Pro Race in deep petrol YT Industries. Capra 27 CF Pro Race in black magic YT Industries. Frame: Carbon 27.5, 180mm / 29, 170mm YT claims that its latest generation Capra does just that. While not quite hyperbolic, YT certainly come across as confident that its new enduro bike is nigh-on as capable down the hills as its.

The New YT Capra - Everything You Need to Know - Pinkbik

  1. Uphill ratio. YT CAPRA Pro Race 29 2021 has a gear ratio of 0,65 uphills. This means that for every 1 turn of the pedals at the front, the back wheel turns 0,65 times. The lower this value, the better is the bike performance uphills
  2. The latest, top-end, Metric shocks ride a little higher in the mid stroke, so YT increased the starting leverage ratio and reduced end progressivity for more plushness and sensitivity. The 170mm Lyrik has the top-end RC2 damper, but came with a too short steerer, which prevented sufficient stem spacers and meant the front end felt too low
  3. YT Capra CF Pro Race 29 - Long-term enduro bike review and thoughts - YouTube. YT Capra CF Pro Race 29 - Long-term enduro bike review and thoughts. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping.
  4. Frank Dörr, Head of R&D at YT, introduces the Capra 29 LTD, a limited edition run produced in only 400 numbered pieces. For more information about the bike,.
  5. The 29 Pro race is definitely the model that I was lusting after but they're not expected to deliver until August, and I would have a bigger problem with that rear shock because of the higher leverage ratio (230/65). I'd have to swap it for a DPX2 or DHX2 right away
  6. ing leverage ratio is actually quite simple: take the total rear travel and divide it by the shock stroke travel. Roughly speaking, mountain bikes range from around 2.3:1 (low leverage) up towards 3:1 (high leverage). For instance, the 180mm travel model of the new YT Capra uses 75mm of shock stroke for a 2.4:1 leverage ratio, which is.

majki1978's YT Capra 29 CF. Age: 40. Where do you live? Bielsko-Biala, Poland. Favorite local trail to ride? The enduro trails network in Bielsko. Why did you pick the YT Capra? Best value for money. Is this YT Capra your only bike? No. What bike did this replace / What bike were you on before this? Kellys Swag, an enduro rig with 160 mm travel YT Capra 2014 - leverage ratio 是在优酷播出的创意视频高清视频,于2016-04-07 23:35:06上线。视频内容简介:YT Capra 2014 - leverage ratio www.bttveredas.com YT Capra 2014 - Linkage analysis , Leverage ratio, Force curves, pedal kickbac 29″ Santa Cruz Megatower CC X01 Coil RSV (Click for review) € 8,999: 15.01 kg: 170/160 mm: 29″ Santa Cruz Nomad CC X01 RSV (Click for review) € 8,999: 14.62 kg: 170/170 mm: 27.5″ Specialized Enduro Expert (Click for review) € 6,999: 15.64 kg: 170/170 mm: 29″ Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper EVO (Click for review) € 10,499: 13.78 kg: 160/150 mm: 29″ Transition Sentinel X Down Time: The Capra Pro Race's 180 millimeters of suspension gobbles up the roughest terrain like a downhill bike. It's more linear than progressive, making it feel more supple and ground-huggy than poppy. It comes to life at high speeds. The Up Side: This is not the Capra Pro Race's strong sui

2020 YT Industries CAPRA 29 AL Base - Specs, Reviews

The all-new YT Capra 29 made quite the splash when it was introduced in February 2018. Wagon wheels, 160mm of travel, impressive components, an attractive price tag, what's not to love? Unfortunately, the Capra is somewhat held back by its harsh and super-progressive suspension design. Three testers spent one month smashing the Capra CF 29 around California and Nevada to obtain the vital ride. Review: YT Capra 29 CF Pro Race. 0... Highlights of the Pro Race build kit include a 170mm Fox 36 Factory fork, Float X2 shock, e*thirteen's carbon TRS Race wheels, YT's CTO, that lower ratio allows riders to run less pressure and creates a more sensitive beginning stroke The Capra 29 CF Pro fully meets the requirements for a modern enduro: great downhill performance, combined with excellent agility, and still not too bad to pedal uphill. As a brand with direct online sales, the quality / price ratio is also hard to beat compared to models that rely on traditional distribution channels. yt-industries.co The YT CAPRA Pro Race 29 2020 is a Full suspension Enduro Mountain Bike with a carbon frame. Equipped with a SRAM X01 Eagle drivetrain of 12 gears (1x12). Its features include dropper seatpost, boost 110 , and boost 148. The bike weighs approximately 13,6 kg

The New YT Capra - Everything You Need to Know

Downhill roots, trail supremacy. The metric 250/230 (27/29) shock delivers the solid suspension travel of the CAPRA with a low transmission ratio and fully convinces with a performance that's hardly ever seen away from downhill courses Willi and the YT design team are fans of low leverage rates and over the years they've refined their four-bar system. The Capra takes some queues from the Tues, and is even more capable on DH terrain but still pedals quite efficiently for a big hit bike. For 2018 YT added a 29er to their Capra line up while still offering 27.5-wheeled models The Capra has more travel. But it also has a far more progressive leverage (25% moar) and doesn't pedal badly at all due to one of the other graphs people here like to see before they buy a bike. #Science Either bike can be ridden all day and climbed 1000s of metres easily. it's why I bought mine. Uplifts are few and far between here The YT Capra is one of the most important bike introductions we have seen in our 20 years in the bike industry. We dub it as the 'perfect storm', the culmination of many evolving bike technologies, standards, business models that have evolved over the last decade

2020 YT Industries CAPRA 29 CF Pro Race - Specs, Reviews


First Ride: 2018 YT Capra 27

Leverage ratio is simply the amount of rear wheel travel divided by the shock travel. On the Fuel EX for example, this is 130mm divided by 55mm of shock stroke. 130/55 = 2.363, which we'd write as 2.63:1 ratio. Leverage is the same a using a lever to lift a weight. -Dylan Howes, Trek Bike The old model Capra (the one I have) used a 222x66 on the 170mm frames and 222x66 on the 165mm frames. 222x70 coil shocks are pretty easily sourced (new or S/H) and it's a pretty common upgrade* on older Capras. The new 29 Capras use Metric bullshit. so you're looking at 230x60 vs 230x65 If you go for a Lyrik suspended full build. ie. 29CF or 29AL After comparing the two, I opted for the Capra AL Comp 29. I am 6'7 so prefer the reach and longer wheel base of the capra. Not to mention the 29 wheels My guess is tgr V4 will simply descend better, the leverage ratio is uttetly sorted for gravity duties. Ill take a look at hee leverage numbera but Id be surprised ised if it pedals better. Posted. Maintenant, nous allons nous attaquer au fameux leverage ratio qui est typique aux YT, c'est-à-dire ultra progressif. Tel qu'annoncé le LR est environ 8% moins progressif que l'ancienne génération. Ce 8% représente la marge de manœuvre laissée par les volumes spacer des amortisseurs du marché

When sitting on the bike, the suspension will compress to a certain degree - the so-called ″sag″. Sag should be between 25 - 30 % for Enduro bikes, between 30 - 40 % for Downhill bikes, and between 10 - 20 % for Dirt bikes. The ″sag value″ that corresponds to your riding style is best determined with a few test rides YT Capra Elite. The Capra is YT Industries' 29″ enduro bike featuring 170 mm suspension travel front and rear. In addition to the 2021 FOX FLOAT X2 shock and top-end Factory FLOAT 38 fork, the new YT Capra Elite model gets a host of high-end components to match. The carbon frame rolls on E*Thirteen's LG1 Race EN Carbon wheelset Cmq mi sono fatto un po' di conti e non capisco come facciano a dichiarare 300g in meno per la pro rispetto alla comp1. Facendo la somma dei pesi dei..

YT Industries Capra AL 1 review Lyrik upgrade but unchanged frame The carbon Capra frame is unchanged again this year so there's no stretched-reach geometry or Boost axle spacing The Jeffsy Base 29 is built around YT's high modular alloy frame with their V4L (Virtual 4-Link) rear suspension design that controls the 150mm of travel. V4L is a 4-bar linkage design that has the main pivot just above and slightly behind the bottom bracket, pivots on the chainstays about two inches forward and slightly lower than the rear axle, and a rocker link about a third of the way up the seat tube YT Capra CF Pro 29 Custom. von daDave. 99 2 0. In the Rain - Capra auf La Palma. von timtim. 350 0 0. Nicht nur in der äußerst schicken und limitierten Raw-Version steht das YT Capra hoch in der Gunst unserer User. von Moritz capra 27 cf pro - magnesium white / black magic The CAPRA 27 CF Pro rolls out on RockShox suspension. The Lyrik RC2 fork and Super Deluxe RC3 offer 170 mm of travel to make sure you are ready for any mission

YT CAPRA ENDURO BIKE - MONARCH PLUS vs VIVID AIR. Anmelden Jetzt registrieren! Willkommen! Registriere dich jetzt in der Mountainbike-Community! Anmeldung und Nutzung sind kostenlos, die Anmeldung dauert nur ein paar Sekunden. Seite 2 von 2 < Zurück 1 2. Thiel ja! Dabei seit 10/2007 I found plenty of rocky moments when the 29-inch Capra would be a better tool for the job. On the XXL Capra 29 I rode, it was a treat to have the extra stability of slightly longer 440-millimeter chainstays. I spent most of my time in the frame's low/slack setting because with those numbers, why not? That's because YT still sells consumer-direct. It stays supportive under forceful input. yt capra 27 review Posted on March 1, 2021 by . Category: Uncategorized. Leave a comment. A leverage ratio is defined as the relationship between the rear-wheel travel and shock stroke, or the length the shock is designed to compress. How to Calculate Leverage Ratios Suspension has undoubtedly become more complex over the years with more purpose-built machines and various linkage designs, but the fundamentals have largely stayed the same

Leverage Ratio Formula | Calculator (Excel template)

Review: YT Capra 29 CF Pro Race - Pinkbik

Home » Blog » Uncategorized » yt capra 27 review. yt capra 27 review February 28, 2021 0 Uncategorized,. the capra would just be too much. Reviews say it rides like a dh bike but that's not what I'd want for 75% of my riding. I'm coming from a oldschool-ish 2012 160mm YT wicked (26, max ratio 34-32, no dropper), although now significantly heavier than stock Intriguing. From the geo/specs, this is the Carbon, 650b, Rocky Mountain Slayer that I've been dreaming about for the last couple of seasons. All the numbers are almost identical to the Slayer, but Capra is 2.5# lighter, 1 degree slacker head tube, and looks to have a slightly better suspension curve/leverage ratio. I love my Slayer

YT Capra 29 CF Pro Race Review - NSMB

2020 YT Capra 29 AL Ltd First Look | Singletrack Magazine. September 2019. While at Eurobike, we had the opportunity to check out this limited edition YT Capra 29er, of which only 400 will be produced.. Capra. 2020 YT Industries Capra Base 29. 2020. 2020 2018. Base 29. Category Full-suspension All-mountain/Enduro MTB. Design Flat Bar, Full suspension. Frame Carbon/Composite. Fork Aluminum. Suspension 170 mm fork travel. Features Disc brake Review by Johan Hjord // Photos by Johan Hjord and Tal Rozow. YT's Capra made quite a splash when it was released earlier this year.With 160-170mm of travel, a carbon frame, and a price tag usually found hanging from bikes half as well spec'd, the only question mark that remained on paper was whether or not YT had overcooked the numbers for everyday trail use The new CAPRA delivers the most advanced combination of trail bike agility and traction at downhill standard. The metric 250mm shock delivers the solid suspension travel of the CAPRA with a low leverage ratio and fully convinces with a performance that's hardly ever seen away from downhill courses

YT CAPRA 29 COMP review - Move b$#!%, get out the way

Geometry on the Commencal Meta AM V4.2 is great for aggressive and downhill riding. We felt DH bike level confidence on everything from 40MPH singletrack to chunky rock gardens. Our size large test bike sports an 18-inch (458mm) reach, 65.6-degree head angle, 47.83-inch (1,215mm) wheelbase, and 17.20-in (437mm) chainstays Cet YT Capra 29 CF Pro Race est l'enduro haut de gamme de la marque et dispose d'un montage extrêmement classe. En suspensions, on trouve un ensemble Fox Factory avec une 36 Float en 170 mm de débattement devant et un Float X2 derrière, des éléments réglables en compression et détente à chaque fois en hautes et basses vitesses.Notez également que l'amortisseur dispose d'un.

2018 YT Capra released Mountain Bike Reviews Foru

YT Industries: A fork tune is relatively straightforward as it's a 1:1 leverage ratio. It's fundamentally unchanged based on the suspension design of the frame. Head angles, reach, stack, and other factors can influence how the fork works, but can also be pretty well balanced with the available tuning that the fork contains (air pressure, compression, rebound, and volume spacers) YT Capra Evil Wreckoning Todas son cohetes, Pues la capra 29 si leer llamamos a absorber, A igualdad de amortiguador y sin fricciones, el sistema más tragón es el que tenga el leverage ratio más acusado. La capra lo tiene altísimo y sobre el papel debería ser la más colchón de todas si la llevas bien ajustada En la gráfica del Leverage Ratio vemos como la Nomad III tiene una progresividad bastante parecida a la de la YT Capra (Se cruzan en la Zona de Sag y al final del recorrido...), a igualdad de amortiguadores la YT Capra tiene un primer tramo mas sensible y un tramo intermedio con mayor soporte, pero si le damos a la Nomad III la ventaja de llevar el nuevo Monarch Plus DA se queda.

Climbing Performance: YT Jeffsy 27 vs Capra 29 I'm in the market for a new Trail/Enduro Bike. I wonder if any of you have compared the Jeffsy 27 and Capra 29 when it comes to climbing We pitted the trail-focused YT Jeffsy AL One 29 against its Commencal counterpart, the 2017 Meta TR 4.2 Essential and cross-examined them against their enduro brethren, the 2017 YT Capra AL Comp and the 2017 Commencal Meta AM 4.2 Essential YT Industries est une marque allemande assez jeune, mais qui fait beaucoup parler d'elle sur la scène enduro/DH. Nous avons testé leur Capra, un enduro au caractère bien trempé The new RocketMAX Gen3 is a solid evolution of our standard shredding Gen2 RocketMAX, the first RocketMAX to feature Longshot geometry. It's the longest travel 29er we have ever made, now with 160mm rear to balance out the 160mm front. We have tweaked the progression rate, reduced the leverage ratio, and broadened the window of performance

Ratio Analysis

Dirt: Obviously the longer travel 29-er bike is completely new to you at YT, did you have to think about things differently for this bike. SW: Well yes definitely, like I said, the Capra was already a brilliant bike and all we were doing for the 27.5 bike was listening and refining, but the long travel 29-er was a completely new project 29-er that really took us out of the comfort zone Flow's First Bite: YT Jeffsy CF Comp 2 17 Jan 2017 Sporting more swagger than a West Indian cricketer, the YT Jeffsy is the sort of bike that's guaranteed to draw expectations of a talented pilot from other riders when you rock up to the trailhead Since then YT has risen from a first run of 150 steel dirt jump frames to dominating the Downhill World Cup, killing it with Rampage winner Andreu Lacondeguy, and redefining the sport itself with bike breeds like the CAPRA. Today YT is over 100 people, spread all around the world from Europe, through Asia and North America, and beyond Thanks to the combination of the progressive leverage ratio and mildly progressive spring rate what you feel on the trail is a playful, snappy ride for the first two-thirds of travel, then - thanks to the increasing spring rate - excellent bump force management and resistance to bottoming in big events. Believe it

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