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To access support videos, please select the category type below that corresponds to the type of machine you're working on Rekluse offers Technical Support Monday through Friday from 8:00AM - 5:00PM Mountain Time. Contact Technical Support for questions related to product installation, tuning and performance. Email: tech@rekluse.com

Want to order spare parts? Use the parts fiche to buy gaskets, bolts, fasteners, plates, o rings, washers, wedges, center hubs, plates, spacers, and more At Rekluse we build innovative, high performance clutches for dirt bikes, adventure bikes, Harley Davidson motorcycles, and ATVs. Made in the USA Alternatively, Rekluse customer service can be contacted at 208-426-0659 or by email at customerservice@rekluse.com. Topics: featured , Clutch Tech , Auto Clutc Here is a detailed, step-by-step video of how to remove a stock clutch, install a Rekluse motorcycle clutch, and double check its proper installation Rekluse Official Install Video: How to Install the Rekluse CoreManual with TorqDrive™Benefits:Launch off the line fasterExperience more tractionFeel more tor..

Rekluse introducerar en helt ny typ av kopplings system som kan konfigureras i två olika lägen: manuellt läge eller anti-stall läge.Rekluse EXP tryckplatta och EXP Friction Disk förvandlar Rekluse Core till en koppling som automatiskt kopplar ur vid tomgång, som förebygger oavsiktligt stopp av motorn tex om du vurpar Rekluse använder även laserskurna stålmellanskivor som är mindre känsliga för värmeexpansion samt har mer massa och kan ta upp värme för att undvika snabba variationer i temperatur. I kopplingarna ingår utöver TorqDrive komponenterna beämnda Core vilka är utvecklade och tillverkade av Rekluse för maximal hållfasthet och prestanda

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Rekluse Supported Riders Sweep Motocross Championships in 2020. October 15, 2020 / by Rekluse Team. Rekluse is proud to support the championship seasons of Zach Osborne and Dylan Ferrandis as they took home the 450 and 250 MX titles respectively. Congrats to the riders and teams Rekluse CoreManual TorqDrive är här! Rekluse Motorsports USA släpper återigen en banbrytande produkt för de som vill ha det absolut bästa när det gäller manuella kopplingar, Rekluse CoreManual with TorqDrive. Produkten används redan av flera fabriksteam i VM, bl a HRC Honda i både MX1 och MX2 och Bike IT Cosworth Yamaha

The Rekluse automatic motorcycle clutch is not only innovative but is used on enduro bikes around the world, transform your ride today! Gear 4 - Rekluse Clutches - Gear4 Motorcycles 01778 38038 Rekluse is a motorcycle clutch manufacturer based in Boise, Idaho. The company has used the U.S. Commercial Service's International Partner Search program to identify new distributors in Germany and the Gold Key program to evaluate market conditions in South America Rekluse, founded in 2002, is the motorcycle industry leader in clutch performance technology and innovation. Rekluse engineers use state-of-the-art CNC manuf.. The Rekluse auto clutch (finally) arrived yesterday afternoon. Due to confusion over what to order for Hayes brake master cylinder top mesh the M8X0.75 bicycle world to the M10X1.0 motorcycle world, (I find the massive bicycle components world chaos and lacking in tech detail), I have so far failed to order the 5.5mm hose and fittings specific to the type of Hayes master cylinder I have Rekluse is proud to be the trusted clutch supplier to top-tier race teams for the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross season. Below are their race results from Round 9 in Daytona. Aaron Plessinger - Star Racing Yamaha - Photo: Octopi Medi

Rekluse rider support is currently open for all racers!! We have support available for all forms of 2 and 4 wheel competition. We have you covered from 65cc to Open classes! For more information hit.. Support Rekluse . Description Rekluse TorqDrive Manual Clutch Kit for Harley Milwaukee-Eights: Unlock more power! TorqDrive provides more disks in less space, allowing us to add up to 6 additional frictions disks to the clutch pack over stock Core EXP i sin senaste skepnad - nu med EXP 3.0 Rekluse is proud to support the championship seasons of Zach Osborne and Dylan Ferrandis as they took home the 450 and 250 MX titles respectively. Congrats to the riders and teams! #RaceRekluse On behalf of our entire staff, we congratulate.. READ MOR

Rekluse. 3,144 likes · 1 talking about this. A vinyl and digital label run by Fergie and Mr Henry Von from 2008 to 2012 Rekluse advertising nor installation instructions mention special accommodations, outside of oil selection, to ensure viability. In comparison to the stock, absolutely trouble free clutch, Rekluse has not earned it's keep Rekluse is now accepting rider support applications for 2019. As a company rooted in racing, Rekluse is proud to support riders of all levels, from AMA Champions to weekend warriors

Rekluse Alla Rekluse-kopplingsprodukter är precisionskonstruerade och tillverkade av högkvalitativa material för att ge bästa prestanda och hållbarhet. Våra komponenter är starkare, lättare, hållbarare och byggda för maximal prestanda I've had one on my RMZ450 since I bought the bike new in 2011. This past Wednesday night, I noticed some clutch slippage. The rekluse has about 40 hours on it while the fibers have about 50 so I pulled it apart expecting to find the fibers at their service limit but everything looked fine and well within spec so I decided to give them a call Core står för hard core och betyder att kärnan av kopplingen byts ut mot delar av högsta kvalité för bästa prestanda. Core EXP har SM och VM titlar i både Motocross och Enduro - helt enkelt framtagen för de som ställer hårda krav på materialet. Core innefattar en ny hårdanodiserad centerkoppling med Rekluse patenterade rounded corners som minimerar slag och slitage Rekluse Motor Sports delivers unique and innovative products for the motorcycle industry with a focus on performance engineering and exceptional customer service. Founded in 2002 in Boise, Idaho, Rekluse Motor Sports utilizes the unique and varied terrain for extensive testing and further innovation for the motorcycle industry. THE PRODUCT

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Värmehärdade kopplingsfjädrar med styrningar. Designen är flödesoptimerad för bättre kylning. EXP är Rekluse mekanism för automatisk in- och urkoppling, även denna finns som en separat instegsprodukt för de som är nöjda med OEM delarna och enbart är ute efter den automatiska in- och urkopplingen till ett lägre pris hey guys, if someone could give me a call to talk me thru what im doing wrong i would be grateful. i have a toll free number for you... rekluse and perch adjuster on a 2001 wr250f. 1mm gap clearance (basically midpoint), bolts are on the right side of the clutch actuator bracket... i cant get it.

Rekluse. Founded in 2002 from personal inspiration and collective vision, Rekluse changed the game in clutch performance technology. Rekluse performance clutch products improve riding experiences for power sports enthusiasts worldwide. Rekluse products are engineered, developed and manufactured in Boise, Idaho, USA In addition to these teams, Rekluse is proud to support hard-working, dedicated privateers such as Dean Wilson, Marshal Weltin, and Michael Lieb to name a few. In any case, it's painfully obvious you don't know jack shit about Rekluse clutches. He has the Core MANUAL Torque Drive Rekluse installed. MANUAL being the key word. This is not an auto clutch https://rekluse.com/support-docs/NPD...ationGuide.pdf Nuff Said, Were Burnin Daylight, Lets Ride(Sober 33years) Current ride : 17 FREEWHEELER M8, Power Vision tuner, DK Customs Outlaw air cleaner, modified by me head breather vent with drain, Gutted stock mufflers, (RJS Originals) rear wheel discs , (RJS Originals) custom windshield lower panel, Mighty Mites Love Jugs fans by Papa Zoo

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Made 100% in the USA: Rekluse supports the sport by designing, manufacturing, and shipping everything under the Rekluse name from their headquarters in Boise, Idaho. Includes. 3.0 Clutch Hub that resists notching due to its design and greatly reduces weight compared to the stock component Se vår produkt Kopplingspaket Torqdrive Rekluse som levereras fraktfritt. Motoaction erbjuder högkvalitativa produkter till bra pris Rekluse Billet Clutch Cover for Suzuki RM-Z RM-X 450 2008-2019 RMS-364. $169.00$169.00. FREE Shipping. Only 1 left in stock - order soon Rekluse Billet Clutch Cover for KTM Husqvarna 125-200 2T 1998-2016. $169.00$169.00. FREE Shipping. Only 3 left in stock - order soon

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  1. This video shows you what to look for when measuring your free play gain on your Rekluse Core EXP or EXP clutch system. This applies to both cable and hydrau..
  2. Rekluse EXP är instegsmodellen i deras produktfamilj av automatkopplingar. Priset är lägre än Core EXP eftersom man återanvänder mycket av originalkopplingen. Det finns i stort sett 4 modeller av EXP beroende på vilken hoj de är till
  3. 2013-10-08 RobertJ I starten i MX använder man bara kopplingen för att reglera effekten till bakhjulet. Gasen håller man stumt. 2013-10-08 DK Med EXP 2.0 så går det inte alls tyngre att koppla ur vid höga varv
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I RadiusCX har tekniken från Core EXP 3.0 och TorqDrive sammanförts till en helt ny produkt. RadiusCX är det optimala valet för den kräsne elitföraren inom cros Rekluse, founded in 2002, is the motorcycle industry leader in clutch performance technology and innovation. Rekluse engineers use state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing to create performance manual and centrifugal (auto) clutch products for customers worldwide. All Rekluse products are engineered, developed, and manufactured in Boise, Idaho USA Bits4Bikes offers a wide range of Motorcycle Parts and Accessories in New Zealand with fast overnight shipping. Brands such as SHOEI, Bridgestone, Oxford, LS2, Gaerne and Fly Racing with everything from Helmets, Jackets and Gloves through to Tyres, Batteries and Security. Use our industry leading Parts Finder today REKLUSE MOTOR SPORTS The z-Start Pro Clutch INSTALLATION GUIDE 07-08 BMW650 X Models 191-601 Manual Revision: 121207 ©2002 Rekluse Motor Sports Rekluse Motor Sports, Inc. 110 E. 43rd Street Boise, Idaho 83714 208-426-0659 support@rekluse.co Stort utbud från rekluse kåpor och kopplingdetalje

Rekluse Gold is a collection of their own personal (and dance-floor) favourites, including tracks Jon Rundell, Luigi Madonna, Sasha Carassi and many more. For more info head to: Facebook.com/ExcentricReklus REKLUSE MOTOR SPORTS The z-Start Pro Clutch INSTALLATION GUIDE Clutch Cable Actuated Models 191-800 Manual Revision: 041513 ©2012 Rekluse Motor Sports Rekluse Motor Sports, Inc. 12000 W Franklin Rd. Boise, Idaho 83709 208-426-0659 support@rekluse.co

rekluse.com • A detailed parts fiche can be found online at . rekluse.com/support. INSIDE THIS DOCUMENT . o INSTALLATION o BELLEVILLE SPRING & SPRING RING OPTIONS o CLUTCH CABLE ADJUSTMENT o BREAK-IN & OIL SELECTION o MAINTENANCE & TROUBLESHOOTING . TOOLS NEEDED • Allen key set (Standard SAE) • T27 Torx bit, and possibly other Torx size Rekluse Pro Race Support Manager, Austin Paden shares, We are excited to provide real performance advantages to our Supercross riders as they pursue championships and tackle the most demanding race conditions in the world. Rekluse proudly supports the following teams and riders: Motosport.com / GPI/ Crossland Honda Tommy Hahn #13 Updated 9-16-13Rekluse shows you how to install the Core EXP Auto-Clutch for specific KTM and Husaberg models. This clutch pertains to the DDS style clutches.. Rekluse sleeves eliminate basket wear and notching; Upgrade your clutch basket at the same time with the Trask Performance Clutch Basket. Rekluse Derby Cover: A Rekluse Derby Cover is the perfect complement to your RadiusX, TorqDrive, or Core EXP. Designed to match OEM specifications, they bolt on with no modifications or drilling

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  1. Rekluse Products for Sale. MotoSport.com offers 24 Rekluse products. A leader in our industry, we know you'll be satisfied with your Rekluse item when you buy it from us. Our Pledge. We want to make your next ride, your best ride. Rekluse products ship for free with orders over $79. If you need some assistance, we can help
  2. Rekluse clutch cover Vibram frame protections with super grip effect The price of the 'Special Enduro' models increases by €1,300 (€1,200 for the 300) compared with the stock bike but it makes sense to go for it, if you were thinking on adding some extra goodies, as you'll probably end up spending the double if you buy all the parts independently
  3. MotoSport carries the best in clutch parts, and that means a Rekluse clutch. Get the best for your dirt bike with the Rekluse Core EXP 3.0, and EXP 3.0 Clutch Kit
  4. Made 100% in the USA: Rekluse supports the sport by designing, manufacturing, and shipping everything under the Rekluse name in their headquarters in Boise, Idaho. Includes; EXP auto-clutch; TorqDrive® clutch stack (friction and drive plates) Billet pressure plate (for DDS or traditional springs) Billet inner clutch hu

Rekluse to continue its support through the 2021 season. The following is a press release from Husqvarna Motorcycles Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to announce its continued partnership with Rekluse, the motorcycle industry's leading manufacturer of clutch components With victories spanning 10 different riding disciplines, the 2015 champions are extremely diverse, and Rekluse is proud to have contributed to their success. In terms of championships, 2015 was a record breaking year for Rekluse, said Austin Paden, Pro Race Support Manager Posts about Rekluse distributor written by reklusemotorsports. Boise, Idaho USA . (February 17, 2015) - Rekluse would like to announce its new distribution partner, Olek Motocykle. Headquartered in Bielsko-Biala, Olek Motocykle will be responsible for Rekluse sales & marketing, technical support, and customer service in Poland Rekluse high performance auto clutches, manual clutches and accessories for off-road, adventure bike, and side by side applications

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  1. I thank the whole team for the support and work @hondaredmotoracing @honda_redmoto @hondaproracing @hondamotoitalia @racingtime.shop @airohelmet_racing @scottmotosports @gaerneofficial @metzelermoto @akrapovic @funnelweb_filter @_xtrig_ @cmtcompositi @vertex_pistons_racing @castrolmoto @ufoplastofficial @odigrips @blackbird_racing @febur_racing @evanspowersport @rekluse_motorsports.
  2. Rekluse products are manufactured at our facility in Boise, ID. Driven by purpose, progress and performance, we will inspire a better adventure. Rekluse products are engineered, developed and.
  3. The Leader in Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts. Best Service & Selection Since 1979
  4. I was looking for an auto-clutch for my 400 and noticed they only support the 450 and 426. Does anyone know what the difference in the clutch is with these models? Can I put a 426 basket on my 400
  5. Rekluse RadiusX Automatic Clutch Kit for Harley Milwaukee-Eights: RadiusX is a high performance centrifugal auto clutch combining TorqDrive and EXP technologies. TorqDrive provides more clutch disks in less space, allowing for maximum performance within your bike's existing clutch footprint. You retain full control of shifting and use of your.
  6. This Rekluse EXP clutch fits all 990 and 950 KTM engines of all makes. not explained in the instructions but a quick call to Rekluse tech support and you'll be shipped a .030 or .060 shim to fit over throw out had bushing, then adjust as instructed in the manual, good luck! Quantity: SKU: RMS-6381 Shipping.
  7. Guaranteed best prices on Rekluse. Authorized Dealer. Free Shipping over $75. 1-3 Day Delivery on most items

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Rekluse är ett amerikanskt företag som utvecklar och tillverkar kopplingar i absolut världsklass. Produkterna har sedan länge använts av världseliten inom flera olika motorcykelsporter - Rekluse vet vad som krävs för att göra en koppling av yttersta kvalitet och hållbarhet! TorqDrive är en manuell koppling särskilt utvecklad för. Based on all the Rekluse videos I have watched, and speaking with technical support at Rekluse, I believe it will help a lot at the low-end and allow a user to better manage slow uneven terrain without stalling. It is adjustable, if you want it to grab at a higher or lower RPM you can make that happen

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REKLUSE - Performance Clutch Technology Rekluse, founded in 2002, is the motorcycle industry leader in clutch performance technology and innovation. Rekluse engineers use state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing to create performance manual and centrifugal (auto) clutch products for customers worldwide. All Rekluse prod Created a topic, Pocket Casts not authenticating with username/password, on the site WordPress.org Forums: Hello, I am using PowerPress to create a premium passw 2 years ag


License supports Light masks Numberplates Other frame parts Other plastic parts Plastic kits Protection / Guards Radiator scoops Seat Sidepanels Windshields Rekluse: Name Reference Availability Delivery date Price; Make Model From year To year Extended1; YAMAHA YZ25 Rekluse TorqDrive is a high performance clutch kit for Harley Davidson models. The TorqDrive clutch provides more disks in less space, Please contact us at 920-423-3309 Mon-Fri between 9-5 CST with any questions or for additional support. Close The Rekluse billet aluminum manual slave cylinder is a direct bolt-on replacement product designed to improve the hydraulic system's durability and increase the rider's connection to the engine. Trusted by Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory riders including Dean Wilson and Colton Haaker, it has been proven in the toughest riding environments at the highest levels of racing. Hard anodized billet.

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Powersports machine shop offering specialty shop services and distributor for Rekluse, SKF, InnTeck, Wiseco, ProX, Wossner, Boyesen, and Kibblewhite. Home product search Rekluse Canada Brands Catalog Shop Services Forms Sponsorship Tech Support Contact Us Product Search Dealer Logi Compare. Choose Options. Rekluse Radius CX Clutch - 2012-2015 KTM 500 EXC / XC-W $1,079.00. Compare. Add To Cart. Rekluse RadiusX Auto Clutch - KTM 1050/1090/1190/1290 $849.00. Compare. Choose Options. Rekluse RadiusX Auto Clutch - KTM 1050/1090/1190/1290 - Rebuild Kit $440.95

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Rekluse Brand Rekluse Model Rekluse 156-8053 Item Weight 3.34 pounds Product Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 inches Item model number RMS-6385 Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Exterior Painted Manufacturer Part Number RMS-6385 Cover Included Rekluse RadiusX Auto Clutch for KTM Husqvarna 690 701 Enduro Supermoto RMS-6385 Vehicle Service Type Dirt Bik rekluse___ 1 post karma 1 comment karma send a private message. get them help and support. redditor for 1 month. what's this? TROPHY CASE. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. get reddit premium. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor. and join one of thousands of. Rekluse Motor Sports | 547 följare på LinkedIn | Rekluse is the motorcycle industry leader in clutch performance technology. Rekluse has given racers and race teams a distinct advantage in winning numerous world and national championship titles in multiple racing disciplines world-wide. From world champions to weekend warriors, Rekluse is synonymous with quality and innovation

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KTM Rekluse Clutches available online at low prices. We have a great range available, many at discount prices. Buy online no RadiusX combines the best of both worlds, adding Rekluse's thin friction TorqDrive® technology to their flagship automatic EXP disk, all within an O.E.M. clutch footprint. With RadiusX, Rekluse has created a high-performing automatic clutch at a mid-range price point for riders on the trail or track. Championship-Proven TorqDrive®: Increased performance and durability. Responsive throttle. Rekluse returns with a big slab of noisy electronica perfect for the peak time from Alex D'elia and Nihil Young, fresh from their massive 7th Seal on Craft Music. On remix duties is Sinisa Lukic, a recent collaborator with Umek on the Blinking Indicator EP. Reactions: Umek - Great.. Full support! Terry Francis The 1 4 me (Favourite Track: Phisys) Wehbba Both Phisys and Poison sound very interesting, gonna try it out when i get to play heavier techno like this, great release again from Rekluse

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Rekluse EXP 3.0 Auto Clutch. Model# RMS-6037. Will fit the following: KTM 125 SX 1998-2015. KTM 144 SX. KTM 150 SX 2008-2015. KTM 150 XC 2010-2014. Husqvarna TC125 2014-2015. Husqvarna TE125 2014-201 Rekluse provides a 1-year warranty from date of shipment for materials and workmanship when the Rekluse product is installed per Rekluse instructions into a stock bike set-up. Rekluse will repair, replace, or pro-rate a refund for any product found to be defective in materials or workmanship at its sole discretion within the 1-year warranty Support is available for athletes in all forms of competition . NOTE - We receive thousands of rider submissions, it takes our team a few weeks to carefully examine resumes and select riders that best match our criteria. We will contact you if you are selected to join the 6D Flight Crew team No modifications needed to any stock components as Rekluse designs the RadiusX to interface perfectly with stock parts inside of the OEM footprint. Made 100% in the USA: Rekluse supports the sport by designing, manufacturing, and shipping everything under the Rekluse name from their headquarters in Boise, Idaho SLR - Rekluse Upgrade Kit. US$307.02 * Customers in Australia add G.S.T. If you already have a Rekluse LHRB but wish to upgrade to the CLAKE SLR, this kit includes the SLR master cylinder and a quality Teflon lined braided Hose and all fittings required to connect the SLR to your existing Rekluse rear brake master cylinder adapter

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  1. View Joe Boisvert's business profile as Sales, Technical Support, Rider at Rekluse. Find contact's direct phone number, email address, work history, and more
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  4. The Rekluse Left Hand Rear Brake Kit offers next-level control by letting you manipulate the rear brake through your left hand lever while still keeping your clutch lever in place, setting itself up to pair perfectly with your Rekluse auto-clutch. The master cylinder's compact design positions your new brake lever over your existing clutch lever to give you an easy reach to both controls.
  5. Explore releases from the Rekluse Rekords label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Rekluse Rekords releases
  6. REKLUSE WEDGE KIT EXP 2.0 HEAVY BALL 450cc (Pkt=6) Regular price $227 48 $$227.48. REKLUSE WEDGE KIT EXP 3.0 250 MEDIUM. Selecting a dealer supports your local bike shop and the greater New Zealand motorcycle industry. Newsletter. Subscribe to our mailing list. Disclaimer:.
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  1. Rekluse Motor Sports is back again to support TORCS Racing, states Patrick Koether, Rekluse Sponsorship Manager. This year we thought we would mix it up with 20% off discounts certificates made available randomly throughout the event weekend, all rounds
  2. Skarvdon för reparation och förlängning av begränsningskabel. Kan även användas för att ansluta giudekabel. Välj produktvariant. Skarvdon för begränsningskabel 1 st - 501 98 02-01. Skarvdon för begränsningskabel 1 st - 501 98 02-01. Skarvdon för begränsningskabel 5 st - 577 86 47-01
  3. Rekluse-kåpan från gammal hoj o är sliten men hel ( ursprungliga gick sönder) Hjulen har bara använts en liten del av totala körtiden. Måste ses live! Mkt fint skick! Finnas med Santander kan ordnas. ex 1200:-/mån 60mån Pris 59 000:-Körd av mig som glad motionär Nästan samma hoj som Husqvarna
  4. ©2015 Rekluse Motor Sports 208-426-0659 customerservice@rekluse.com REKLUSE MOTOR SPORTS TorqDrive Manual Clutch Kit for Harley-Davidson Big Twin Motorcycles . INSTALLATION & USER'S GUIDE Doc ID: 191-2841A . Doc Rev: 082417 . OVERVIEW • This kit is compatible ONLY with the OEM clutch components
  5. Rekluse Motor Sports has been a supporter of the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series for more than 10 year
  6. Marco Bailey and Tom Hades make their debut on Rekluse, following up their earlier summer adventure on Excentric Muzik with a double header of their trademark groovy Techno... Fergie Love this, big fan of sir Tom and sir Marco :-) Big beats Mr Henry Von Great to have these 2 Belgium big..
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