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Cathay Pacific's 777-300ERs are equipped with a total of six full-flat first class seats in two rows. Each row only has three seats in a 1-1-1 layout. For comparison, most airlines install four seats per row in their first class on the 777. There are no overhead bins in the cabin Cathay Pacific First Class fleet & routes. This cabin is found exclusively on the Boeing 777-300ER, mostly on long-haul flights from Hong Kong to North America and Europe. Cathay Pacific First Class routes. First Class service to Chicago will not be offered from 1 June 2020

Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER Seat: 2K (First Class) Ahhh, Cathay Pacific first class! I boarded through the forward door, where I was greeted by the inflight service manager, Claire, as well as the two first class flight attendants, Judy and Joanna. Mr. Schlappig, I will show you to your seat. You are our only first class guest this evening Early March, I flew First Class with Cathay Pacific onboard one of the carrier's Boeing 777-300ERs from Hong Kong to Frankfurt. Unfortunately, the airline is struggling in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and the Hong Kong protests, although the company will get a massive $5 billion USD state-backed bailout to survive the troubles Cathay Pacific 777 First Class Seating I just love the six-seat first class cabin on Cathay Pacific. Even though it lacks the privacy of some first class suites, I count this seat as the most comfortable first class seat in the sky. It's wide, plush, and very comfortable upright, semi-reclined, or in lie-flat mode Instagram — @iTripReportSnapchat — @iTripReportTwitter — @iTripReportEmail — iTripReport@gmail.comPayPal Tip Jar — https://www.paypal.me/itripreportwww.itrip..

Cathay Pacific 777-300ER First Class [4K] Review - Vancouver to Hong Kong. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your. Cathay Pacific's first-class cabin is one of the most exclusive in the skies. The cabin features just six seats, arranged in a private and spacious 1-1-1 configuration. Although the first-class suites don't feature doors or curtains, like many competitors offer even in their respective business-class cabins, Cathay's cabin is incredibly private Cathay's international fleet today is composed of a mix of A330s, A350s and 777s, but you'll find a first-class cabin only on select 777-300ER aircraft. Many 777s feature a regional business-class configuration, while others are limited to three classes: lie-flat international business class , a solid premium economy class and regular economy, with no first class As a couple we would strongly recommend seats 1A and 2A in First Class on the Cathay Pacific 777-300ER. That's because these two seats have an aisle all to themselves, with the other four seats in this cabin (1D/K and 2 D/K) using the right hand aisle Cathay Pacific 777 First Class. Airline: Cathay Pacific Alliance: oneworld Flight Code: CX841 Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER Cabin: First Route: JFK > HKG Flight Time: 16 hours Seat Number: 2A Retail Price: ~USD$11,200 - $17,500 Miles/Points Rate: 67,5000 AA miles Cost Per Mile/Point: ~16.59 - 25.9

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Cathay Pacific CX288 Boeing 777-300ER First Class - Frankfurt-Hong Kong incl. First Class Loung. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the. The mention of a Boeing 777-300ER refit is intriguing: Cathay's current Boeing 777 first class debuted in 2007, with subsequent refreshes in 2013 and 2017. Cathay's Boeing 777-300ER first class will make way for an all-new design on the 777X- On the 777-300ER, the first class cabin consists of just six seats, spread across two rows in a 1-1-1 configuration. I've written in the past about my preferred seats in Cathay Pacific first class. As a general rule of thumb my first choice would be 1A or 2A, given that the left aisle is just shared by those two seats

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  1. Cathay Pacific's new first class 777-300ER cabin. Contrary to popular belief the new seats aren't leather — they're a very similar material to the old product. I do think the colors are a bit more stylish than the old product, though, and the seating material is super comfortable (though the old one was as well)
  2. Cathay Pacific first class champagne and nuts I traveled to Bali to relax for the New Year, and I did so in style with miles and points. Each leg of my trip is discussed in a separate post: American Airlines Flagship First Dining (JFK) - Review Cathay Pacific 777-300er First Class - Review The Wing - HKG Airport - Review The Pier - HKG Airport - Review Cathay Dragon A330-300.
  3. Cathay Pacific 777-300ER First Class Review New amenities and great service on board, marred by a ground service failure compounding a 22-hour delay
  4. Cathay Pacific releases award seats roughly 330 days out when their schedules open up and they only make one (1) first class seat available to partners, which is understandable given Cathay only have 6 seats in their first class cabin. If you travel solo, it should be very easy to snatch up the one seat available when booking far in advanced
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  6. This Review of Cathay Pacific First Class 777-300ER NYC to Vancouver is Greg's account, on a recent business trip to the West Coast. You can also see my Cathay Pacific First Class Review Hong Kong to LAX and my Cathay Pacific The Wing First Class Lounge HKG Review.. Here's my Cathay Pacific First Class Video; Subscribe to TravelSort's YouTube Channel to be alerted to future first class and.
  7. Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Seat: 1A (First Class) Both aerobridges were being used today so First Class passengers were able to board from Door 1L, quite a luxury given.

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The Cathay Pacific First Class cabin on the 777-300ER only has 6 seats and I was booked into 1A. A quick look around the cabin suggested that 1A and 2A would probably be the best seats as they are the only two seats that open up on to the aircraft's left aisle Emergency exit rows are located at the front of Premium Economy class section and front-most Economy class section. In First class, toilets and galleys are at the front and baby bassinet seats are at 2A and 2K. In Business class, toilets and galleys are at the end of the first section and baby bassinet seats are at row 16 Classic Luxury: Cathay Pacific (777-300ER) in First Class From Hong Kong to Boston Booking. Although the revenue prices for Cathay Pacific first class can be outrageous, there are cheap ways to book this... Ground Experience. Hong Kong had an ingenious in-town check-in system. At two downtown. Cathay Pacific 777-300ER First Class Review New amenities and great service on board, marred by a ground service failure compounding a 22-hour delay Top notch First Class experience, without the bling. Spacious suites, friendly cabin crew, delicious food. After searching for points seats, we found two First Class seats available on the four-hour direct flight from Singapore to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific on an older Boeing 777-300ER. Cathay Pacific take some criticism for being mediocre

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Cathay Pacific has been awarded for its premium cabins since a very long time. After reviewing its business class some months ago, I decided to spend all my remaining Asia Miles before leaving Hong Kong to try out the famous Cathay Pacific First Class suites for a Hong Kong-Bangkok roundtrip.. Check-in. Hong Kong is the base airport of Cathay Pacific, so you expect to receive the very best. Cathay Pacific 777-300ER First Class Cabin; Cathay Pacific First Class Amenity Kit and PJs; At this point, I was exhausted and hungry. I didn't even have the energy to express my excitement, so instead, I just sat back and relaxed until we were up in the air. Happy Time! Another Happy Time! Cathay Pacific catering was generally delicious. Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 First Class Side Storage. Closer to my seat was another storage space which fit the Bose headphones I was provided. A touchscreen remote control for the TV was situated there, as was an extensive panel for seat controls. Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 First Class Side Storage (ft. seat controls and Bose headphones The flight was operated by a 777-300ER was booked using Alaska miles, and it was my first flight ever in international first class. So, I was quite excited! Cathay Pacific First Class Check-In. I got to the airport shortly after 2PM - about 3 hours before the flight's departure time - and headed straight to Cathay Pacific's check-in area Cathay Pacific first class bottom line. In the past I've called Cathay Pacific first class one of the most consistent first class products in the world. And for the most part it is. Cathay Pacific's first class hard product is excellent, even though it has been around for well over a decade

Cathay Pacific 777-300ER First Class [4K] Review

Cathay Pacific first revealed their plans for a new first class product to be offered on board Boeing 777-9 aircraft when they're delivered in 2017.A year later they still didn't know whether they would offer enclosed suites and hadn't settled on a seat supplier.. Instead they said they'd look at the current creative offerings of seat suppliers to decide who they wanted to go with, and. Cathay Pacific first class seat storage 777-300ER. Once settled in the lovely flight attendant taking care of my aisle introduced herself. Her name was Carrie, and she was phenomenal. You can usually tell with the first interaction how the service will be, and Carrie was one of those flight attendants where I knew right away what to expect

The Boeing 777-9s were meant to be signified by the reveal of the new First Class cabins, replacing the current design, which initially debuted for the carrier in 2007. And these changes should also be extended to Cathay Pacific's current fleet of Boeing 777-300ER, retrofitted to replace the existing First Class cabins Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER First Class Cabin & Seat Before continuing with the flight itself, I will stop for a moment to take a closer look at Cathay Pacific's first class cabin and seat. First class is only featured on the airline's Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, and consists of two rows of open suites in a 1-1-1 configuration located between the first and second sets of the.

Cold ground, warm sky: A review of Cathay Pacific's first

  1. Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER (long-range, without first class) business class seatmap. Another variant of the long-range Boeing 777-300ER does not have a first class cabin. Instead, the pointy end of the plane is home to 40 of the same business class seats
  2. Flying First gives you access to our award-winning lounges around the world, including The Pier, First and The Wing, First, our flagship First class lounges in our Hong Kong home. You'll also enjoy access to our signature sites in Shanghai, Bangkok, London, Manila, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo and Vancouver, as well as those operated by our airline partners worldwide
  3. Cathay Pacific has 17 Boeing 777-300ER with the new Business Class aircraft in its fleet. This configuration of the Boeing 777-300ER seats 275 passengers. All First and Business Class seats are suitable for passengers with reduced mobility
  4. Cathay Pacific First Class While proceeding to the Cathay Pacific counters to check-in, a staff member checked my e-ticket and directed me to the Premium Check in facility. Once there, my name was checked against a list and the Premium facility crew tagged my luggage while I was motioned to take a seat
  5. Cathay Pacific 777-300ER first class cabin. It's worth noting that the center two seats face the right aisle. In other words, the left aisle is exclusively for the two seats on the left side of the cabin, while the right aisle is shared by four seats

The mistake fare A couple of weeks ago, a group of friends and I flew to Vietnam to take advantage of one of the most publicized mistake fares of recent times. On New Year's Eve last year, I think one of Cathay Pacific's fare pricing team may have started on the celebratory drinks a bit early, as they priced a return trip from Da Nang in Vietnam at around £600 return in First class Cathay Pacific CX288 Boeing 777-300ER First Class . CX 288 Non-stop Boeing 777-300ER (77W) 11:05 Effective 2021-03-28 through 2021-10-30 The flight arrives 1 day after departure. CX 288 is an international flight departing from Frankfurt airport, Germany (FRA) and arriving at Hong Kong airport, Hong Kong (HKG) Cathay Pacific First Class Review 777-300er Paris to Hong Kong Cathay Pacific has a long standing record for having one of the best first class products in the world. It's long-haul service onboard the 777-300er features a very private cabin of only six seats, which turn into some of the most generously spaced flatbeds in the sky I've flown in Cathay's Boeing 777-300ER First Class cabin several times between Vancouver, New York, and Hong Kong, but this was my first flight in the newly enhanced Cathay Pacific First Class cabin. While the Cathay Pacific new First Class suites will roll out once the airline begins flying the Boeing 777-9 (expected in 2021), the soft. Cathay Pacific CX806 Hong Kong Intl - Chicago O'Hare Intl January 2019 1150-1220 (14 hours and 30 minutes) Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER Seat: 1A (First Class) Boarding was made through Door 2, the door in between First and Business Class. I was greeted by a very friendly flight attendant which then ushered me to my seat

Cathay Pacific 777-300ER first class. Anyway, years ago a majority of Cathay Pacific's flights between Hong Kong and Tokyo Narita featured a first class cabin. However, as of late they've mostly been operated by regionally configured planes with just economy and business class This 777-300ER had a four-class configuration with economy, premium economy, business and first class, though be aware that some of Cathay's US flights are operated with three-class planes that don't offer a first-class cabin. The business-class cabin is split into two sections, both configured in a 1-2-1 layout Cathay Pacific First Class Review Summary. Cathay Pacific already offered a consistently excellent First Class product and has managed to improve it further. The new menus and service items feel luxurious, almost like an extension of the Ilse Crawford designed The Pier First Class lounge Cathay Pacific has a mini-cabin of two rows on the 777-300ER with first class, which I was seated in Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER Business Class Mini-Cabin and a huge cabin consisting of 45 seats across 11 rows, which the majority of the cabin is seated in (of course it seems like a no-brainer what to choose, but it's not like you luck out every time) Cathay Pacific is rolling out another refresh for its Boeing 777-300ER first class cabins - the second since the suites debuted in 2007 - although this time around the changes are less sweeping. Most of the changes focus on improvements to the inflight entertainment system, with a new 18.5-inch HD screen replacing the current standard-definition 17-inch panel (shown below in the current.

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER First Class. Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER First Class. Before heading into the business class mini-cabin, I asked a flight attendant if I could take a few pictures of the first class cabin given no one was there and I was one of the first few aboard. The purser said I'm not looking Cathay Pacific currently flies first class only on its Boeing 777-300ER fleet, with the cabin getting a mid-life make-over in 2013. Cathay is also considering adopting fully-enclosed first class suites similar those of Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Etihad

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Flight review: Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER business class Los Angeles to Hong Kong. just behind first class, and are separated from rows 15 to 26 by the galley Cathay Pacific has decided against installing first class on its Airbus A350-1000 jets, opting instead for a larger premium cabin featuring its new international business class seats.. The move will see both the A350-900 and the larger, longer-range A350-1000, due from 2018, flying in a three-class configuration of business class, premium economy (featuring an all-new design) and economy seating Cathay Pacific First Class Review Summary Having flown both via Vancouver and direct, the flight from New York JFK to Hong Kong is a better option. Being a lunchtime departure you still enjoy a meal at the excellent Flagship First Dining facility , enjoy an uninterrupted sixteen hours in the air and arrive in Hong Kong in the evening for a good night's rest

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Cathay Pacific First Class on the 777-300ER from Hong Kong to Zurich After checking with the agents with regards to boarding, I collected my luggage from the lockers and made my way to gate 66 which is just a minute walk away from The Pier lounge For decades now Cathay Pacific has been highly acclaimed for its Cathay Service. The following is an in-depth look at operations from the customer perspective, where I experienced a flight in Cathay's latest 777-300ER Business Class Cabin taking me from Paris CDG to Hong Kong and back

Review: cathay pacific first class boeing 777 300er new york to hong kong. review: conrad hong kong. review: hyatt recency hong kong, tsim sha tsui. review: intercontinental hong kong. review: cathay pacific business class airbus a330 300 hong kong to male. review: conrad maldives rangali part 1. review: conrad maldives rangali part 2 Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER Business Class Seat. Cathay Pacific has two cabins on its no-first class Boeing 777-300ER, with seven rows in the forward cabin and four in the rear. I couldn't grab myself a row of four in the rear seats, so our family grabbed the frontmost seats, 11A, D, G and K. Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER Business Class

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Find the Best Offers of Cathay Pacific Flights. Fly Over 40.000 Destinations. Save Today on Flight Tickets. Hurry U Airline: Cathay Pacific (CX) Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER Flight #: CX 872 Route: Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) to San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Date: April 23, 2019 Duration: 12 hours and 15 minutes Cabin and Layout: Cathay Pacific first class, 6-seat capacity across 2 rows, 1-1-1 configuration Seat: 2K Miles Used: None, booked Cathay Pacific mistake fare (HAN-HKG-SFO) round. Cathay Pacific First Class, 777-300ER. This 2019 Review of Cathay Pacific First Class Vancouver YVR to NYC JFK will sadly be our last for this particular route, since Cathay Pacific is discontinuing this fifth freedom flight in March 2020. While it used to make sense as a refueling stop, Cathay will be adding a 4th daily NYC-HKG flight and will continue its twice daily HKG-YVR flights, just.

777-300ER Cathay Pacific First Class Wordless Wednesday Published by salsaworldtraveler I spend my time (and resources) pursuing two hobbies: travelling while accumulating frequent-flyer and hotel status, points and miles and Latin dancing In terms of space, the Cathay Pacific 777 first class seat is the roomiest I have been on so far. I did find the British Airways 747 first class seats on my flight from San Francisco to London Heathrow to be a bit softer, but not significantly so.. Seriously, look at how much space I had here Comments First Class on this Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER features large luxury suites with a three-foot wide bed and 17 monitors. Featured in this layout is a new Business Class which offers larger 180-degree lie-flat beds, 11 of seat movement either forward or backward, and 15.4 monitors with multi-port connectors which allow you to stream audio and video from your personal electronic.

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  1. A review of a Cathay Pacific First Class flight on board a Boeing 777-300. This trip was from Chicago to Hong Kong. Take a look at the lounge available to First Class passengers in Chicago and Hong Kong and view the amenities from Cathay Pacific First Class on board this flight
  2. Check our experience and review of Cathay Pacific First Class on the 777-300ER from Hong Kong to Chicago. Adios Hong Kong! The backstory. Dave and I like to do buddy trips. We've gone to Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, etc. Some of our trips are long, 24 days I think was our record
  3. So, let's get inside Cathay Pacific first class Boeing 777 300er to experience what benefits are available in the air. Cabin Configuration and Seats Some of you might have had a fly experience in the old-fashioned Cathay Pacific first class 777-300er fitted with the 2-2 seat arrangement
  4. Boarding Cathay Pacific First Class. One of the Cathay Pacific agents escorted us to the nearby boarding gate. My wife boarded first, then the flight attendants welcomed me by name, and brought me to my seat. My wife was seated in 2K and I was assigned 2D
  5. The First Class lavatory is on the smaller size compared to their First Class lavatory on their 747-400 planes, but it was nicely decorated, well stocked, and cleaned after each use. It has an ornate sink and faucet with Aesop toiletries, and a changing bench to easily change into your pajamas. The Cathay Pacific First Class Aesop Amenity Ki
  6. TheCOVIDBlog.com February 21, 2021. A first-class seat in Cathay Pacific 777-300ER twinjets. CHEK LAP KOK, HONG KONG — The Hong Kong flag carrier airline is joining the rules for thee, not for me doctrine with its new mask policy.. A leak internal memo advised crew members to stop enforcing mask mandates fir first and business class passengers

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Many First Class airlines out there allow you to dine face-to-face with a companion, but if you ask me, I'll always associate this particular act with Cathay Pacific First Class in my mind. Maybe that's because of the sheer sense of theatre with which Cathay Pacific pulls it off: first, they wheel out the heavy-set table extension that latches onto the tray tabl Cathay Pacific First Class is 3 across, 1A and 2A have the aisle to themselves, where as the other 4 seats share the port side aisle. This worked out well for my wife and I, seated in the second row. It turned out that there were some avid mile and point folks in the first row, that I chatted with briefly before departure Cathay Pacific's famously opulent first class just got a little better. Aside from the lavish lounges, the stunning on board suites and the decadent dining, first class fliers can now look forward to staying connected inflight for free too

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  1. Cathay Pacific has rolled out a new economy class seat product that is currently being retrofitted across its fleet of Boeing 777 aircraft, as the airline transitions from a nine-across.
  2. Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER Seat: 22K (Business Class) Cathay Pacific operates its long haul aircraft to various regional destinations for operational efficiency, though aircraft swaps are pretty common. So if you're booking a regional flight on Cathay Pacific just to fly on a certain type of aircraft do note that it might be subjected to change
  3. Jun 24, 2015 - Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER First Class
  4. Following the refurbishment of Cathay Pacific's first and business class lounges at Hong Kong International Airport, the practice was invited to carry their sophisticated design into the first class cabin of the Boeing 777-300ER fleet
  5. Cathay Pacific First Class on the 777. Cathay Pacific's First Class cabin isn't the newest, but it's one of the most private and quiet first class cabins, given that there are just 6 first class seats in 2 rows, in a 1-1-1 configuration
Best Seats In Cathay Pacific First Class | One Mile at a TimeReviewing Cathay Pacific's First Class - The Best TransFlight Review: Cathay Pacific First Class, L

Booking Cathay Pacific First Class. The easiest way to book Cathay Pacific's first class is by paying for it. First class mileage tickets are very hard to come by so if you see one available, you won't regret snagging it. The latter is what happened to us Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER (B-KQI) International Business Class on Cathay Pacific features the 1-2-1 reverse herringbone configuration, which is easily one of the best setups you can ask for in terms of spaciousness and privacy. For today's flight, I'll be seated in seat 19A Cathay Pacific offers three trans-Pacific flights per day from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. I was flying on CX882, departing at 1635, the latest departure offered (unless you count CX880, which. Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific is winding back the rules on wearing face masks for some of its premium cabin passengers. Those passengers lucky enough to enjoy the lie-flat beds of long-haul business class and first class are now allowed to take off their face masks when the bed is down cathay pacific boeing 777 300er economy class cx278 cdg-hkg Here it is! 15min review about my flight in February aboard the Cathay Pacific B777-300ER from Paris to Hong Kong! Sos sorry for this 2 months delay

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Pre Flight Cathay Pacific Economy Class Seat Selection - Exit Row. For my overnight flight from Sydney to Hong Kong, I was able to select an exit row seat online without charge (usually A$220) due to my temporary American Airlines Gold status from their partnership with Hyatt. An exit row aisle seat is the best seat in Economy Class and on this plane there were four (43C, 43H, 59C and 59H) Cathay is now only operating First Class on flights between Hong Kong and Beijing and between Hong Kong and Tokyo Haneda for short flights. (First Class is still available on long flights like to London, New York, etc.) So, there are fewer chances for us to fly First Class on short flights in the future. Thanks for joining me on this journey Aug 7, 2019 - Flying Cathay First - Cathay Pacific First Class Review 777-300ER, including Cathay Pacific first class seats and suites and Cathay Pacific caviar service Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-9 first class. Cathay Pacific is also relying on the delivery of the Boeing 777-9 to roll out its next-generation first class suites (and business class seats), although the airline entered into discussions with Boeing for the deferral of B777-9 deliveries in order to deliver short- to medium-term cash savings Cathay Pacific first class is considered a superb choice by most bloggers and reviewers. Superb seat and bedding make for a very comfortable experience when traveling with this carrier. Drink, food, and service are all excellent, providing a very strong meal and service experience

Cathay Pacific Business Class Boeing 777-300ER Los AngelesCathay Pacific 777-300ER Premium economy CX831 New York to

The flight was operated by a four class Boeing 777-300ER (Cathay Pacific's flagship aircraft). Boarding for all passengers was done through the massive boarding door behind the cockpit. Upon entering the plane, I walked through the beautifully designed First Class cabin (6 seats) and a small Business Class mini-cabin (8 seats), before reaching the main Business Class cabin (45 seats. PLANE TYPE 777-300ER . SEAT CONFIGURATION 1-2-1. SEAT PITCH 82 in/208.2cm . SEAT WIDTH 21 in/53cm . SEAT RECLINE 180 degrees. PRICE Online round-trip business class fares start at $5,687.. CONTACT cathaypacific.com. VERDICT: Cathay Pacific consistently wins top honors as one of the planet's premier long-haul experiences. This was my first flight with them, and it was easy to see all the many. Next A Cathay Present: Cathay Pacific CX865 777-300ER YVR - HKG First Class. 4 thoughts Nisha Pittsinger says: 07/09/2019 at 12:48. This really answered my drawback, thanks! Like Like. Cathay Pacific CX865 777-300ER JFK - YVR First Class. 20/07/2019. Update!!! Best Way to Earn Miles In Singapore! Earn up to 2.4 Miles / Dollar

Flight Review: Etihad 777 First Class (Jet Airways), AUH-JFK

For your next Cathay Pacific flight, use this seating chart to get the most comfortable Long-haul First Class; Rental Cars; Guru Tips; Sign in Sign in with Facebook Airlines > Cathay Pacific > Planes & Seat Maps > Cathay Pacific Seat Maps. Overview; Planes & Seat Maps. Airbus A330-300 Boeing 777-300ER (73Z) Layout 6; Boeing 777-300ER. Excluding its subsidiary Cathay Dragon, Cathay Pacific operates a widebody-only fleet from its base in Hong Kong to destinations far and wide, from Perth to Barcelona, Bali to Boston. For decades, the carrier used mighty 747s as the backbone for long-haul flights, but in the past decade has phased them out in favor of four-class 777-300ERs and, more recently, three-class A350s

Photos: JAL's new first, business, premium & economy seatsWorld's Best Airlines for In-Flight Service 2015 | Travelairtravel photos: boeing 747 first class Cabin interiorJapan Airlines brings first class back to Sydney-Tokyo

Posts Tagged With: cathay pacific first class. Tokyo: Throwback Trip Report, Finale. Posted on June 24, 2014 by Andy. After the, um, surprising experience at Halong Bay, I spent a quiet day in Hanoi partly at a spa and then at the sports bar in the Hilton before catching a taxi to the airport and checking in for my red-eye flight to Tokyo And First Class on Cathay Pacific, a winning combination. At first, upon entering the 777-300ER, the First Class Seat/Pods are bit drab and underwhelming they look big, but the color selections, boring. But the seats are super comfy once you get in, it becomes a much more inviting area Cathay Pacific 777 300er Business Class Seating Plan. masuzi June 25, 2018 Uncategorized Leave a comment 12 Views. Cathay pacific fleet boeing 777 300 er cathay pacific fleet boeing 777 300 er cathay pacific fleet boeing 777 300 er cathay pacific fleet boeing 777 200 The Cathay Pacific 777-300ER business class seat. Very similar to the first class seats on the American Airlines A321T's - as well as their 777-300/ER. Snazzy is not a big enough word to describe these seats. I could totally rock one of these on a 15 hour flight to Hong Kong Introduction I just disembarked from a Cathay Pacific Airways B 777-300ER, arriving from Singapore. I now have another two hours to kill before my next flight to Frankfurt. Transfer in Hong Kong Location: Security check-point adjacent to the exit of gate 27Wait: Five minutesFast track: none Yes, let me see. I think I left of Cathay Pacific First Class 777-300ER Hong Kong (HKG) - Vancouver (YVR) - JFK These flights were booked using my American AAdvantage miles - 67,500 and $41.40 in taxes to be exact. Note that as I was tracking potential return flights from Bali, the Hong Kong flight to JFK via Vancouver was open almost every day with much more availability than the flights directly to JFK or other US.

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