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  1. Nymphadora Tonks (b. 19721) was a British half-blood witch2, an Auror5 and a member of the Order of the Phoenix5. She was the daughter of Ted and Andromeda Tonks2, wife of Remus Lupin2 and the mother of Teddy Remus Lupin8
  2. Nymphadora Dora Tonks Lupin (1973 - 1 May, 19982) was an English half-blood witch3, a Metamorphmagus5, the wife of Remus Lupin and the mother of Edward Remus Lupin4. 1 Biography 1.1 Early life 1.2 Auror training 1.3 Order work 1.4 Marriage and motherhood 1.5 Death 2 Physical appearance 3..
  3. Yes, after all the struggles, all the worries, all the challenges to overcome, both Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin were killed during the Battle of Hogwarts. It was a cruel end: a final, crushing unfairness in a world of unfairness
  4. /w polish subtitles but ignore that Subscribe if you like it c:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lambert_____/Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/lambert_____..
  5. Nymphadora Tonks Was a member of the Advance Guard, and a part of the group that battled the Death Eaters in the Ministry at the end of Order of the Phoenix . She was a Metamorphmagus, a person able to change her appearance at will, and an Auror

Nymphadora Tonks Scenes [1080p+Logoless] (Harry Potter) - YouTube. Nymphadora Tonks Scenes [1080p+Logoless] (Harry Potter) Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback. Death of Nymphadora Tonks - Who Killed Her? During the dangerous Battle of Hogwarts, Nymphadora fought bravely against Voldemort's army to save Hogwarts, leaving her son Teddy with his grandmother

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When Tonks went to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts, she left her infant son in the care of his grandmother. It's unknown how she took the news of her daughter's death at the hands of her older sister, Bellatrix. One can assume that the loss of her only child was devastating This week we take a look at the lovable and quirky Nymphadora Tonks!Tonks is the first character we meet in the series who is a Metamorphmagus, m... Hi friends A story about Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin.created by me.some clips (c) from It's You - Lupin and Tonks Tribute (YuesWoman)!Hope you like it!:)comments p.. Nymphadora Lupin (née Tonks) (1973 - 2 May, 1998) (more commonly known as Tonks) was a half-blood witch, the only child of Ted and Andromeda Tonks, and a Metamorphmagus. She attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1984 to 1991 and was sorted into Hufflepuff House

This is for my aunt Ramona.You are Bella and I am Tonks. Forever.We are different but we are special!Hope you like it Fanfiction Harry Potter Competition Nymphadora Nymphadora Tonks Tonks Remus Lupin Remus Teddy Andromeda The Fall Of Nymphadora Tonks Tonks Death Battle Of Hogwarts Stay Safe, my darling Nymphadora, Andromeda had told her daughter. Her eyes were watery and glistening, and Newly born Teddy was in her arms Nymphadora Tonks makes her first appearance in a Harry Potter movie in 2007's Order of the Phoenix.In that blockbuster, fans learn that she's able to change her appearance at will, has an amusing personality needed in the darkest of times, and is a formidable fighter, taking part in the battle at the Department of Mysteries

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  1. Nymphadora Tonks is an unlockable character who appears in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7. 1 Background 2 Appearences 2.1 Video Game Appearances 3 Gallery 4 See Also 5 References 6 External Links Nymphadora Tonks, or just Tonks as she preferred, was an Auror in the Harry Potter movies and books. She was a metamorphamgus who could change her appearance at will. She often changed the colour of her.
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  3. Nymphadora Tonks, or Tonks as she prefers to be called, is a Metamorphmagus Auror and member of the Order of the Phoenix. She is a pretty young woman with a heart-shaped face. Her hair changes color, but is often bubble-gum pink. Her father calls her 'Dora.' Tonks is an Auror and a member of the Order [
  4. Nymphadora Tonks. 10,572 likes · 4 talking about this. Nymphadora Tonks ♥ Page dedicated to everything Nymphadora and Harry Potter related
  5. Harry Potter är en serie fantasyromaner av författaren J.K. Rowling, som började ges ut 1997 och avslutades 2007. Böckerna har gjort stor succé, med översättningar till 73 språk och försäljningssiffror på över 450 miljoner exemplar i hela världen. De svenska översättningarna har gjorts av Lena Fries-Gedin. Efter framgången har böckerna också filmatiserats, med Daniel Radcliffe i rollen som Harry Potter. Den första filmen i serien hade premiär 2001. Böckerna om.

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Nymphadora Tonks is one of the Blind Bag characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Harry Potter franchise.. Background. Nymphadora Tonks, or just Tonks as she preferred, was an Auror in the Harry Potter movies and books. She was a metamorphamgus who could change her appearance at will. She often changed the colour of her hair Nymphadora tonks death Your obviously nothing more than a Sony hater looking to put down anybody who might have any reason why blu-ray nymphadora tonks death survive. Or your bandwidth is nackered but functional turning your HD stream into if its a auto connection type into SD video. But more to the point the ISP

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Nymphadora Tonks. 8,236 likes · 5 talking about this. my name is Nymphadora Tonks and here is a little bit about myself..... i am the one that owns the.. Nymphadora Lupin (née Tonks) (1973 - 2 May, 1998) was a half-blood witch, daughter of Ted and Andromeda Tonks and a Metamorphmagus. She attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1984 to 1991 and was sorted into Hufflepuff House Nymphadora Tonks is an Auror and a member of the Order of the Phoenix. She is a Metamorphmagus, meaning she can change her appearance at will. She is the daughter of a pure-blood witch, Andromeda Black, and a Muggle-born, Edward Ted Tonks. Tonks later marries Remus Lupin and the couple has a son, Teddy Lupin (short for Edward, as he was named after her late father). 1 Introduction 2 From the. In the Battle of Hogwarts, he is first seen organising those who remained to fight. When the pleas from Apolline, Edmonde, and Gabrielle Delacour had no effect, Luna Lovegood stepped into the danger zone and said nymphadora tonks. - You'll become a Death Eater. - You'll get detention again. Q. Wait until you see this move...- I can't wait. - Wait until you get detention. - Wait until you become an Auror. TONK'S DISGUISE QUIZ. Q

Life After Death: Harry Potter Shorts Nymphadora Tonks. Codi Mae. When Tonks was seventeen it was just a dream to one day marry Remus Lupin. He was a reclusive teacher, freshly twenty two and alone in the world that mourned two of his friends and hated the other Of the many Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows deaths that JK Rowling piled onto the hearts of adoring fans in the Battle of Hogwarts, the most devastating duo death award goes to Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. Particularly how their hands were just out of reach of each other. Not to mention the deleted scene that shows their joy in seeing each other just before the battle

Nymphadora tonks death By 2017, this figure is expected to soar to 8%, or 6 billion. If BluRay is projected to have 8% by 2017 then how can online overtake it at that time? Blu-ray will be the driving force behind the video retail market throughout the next decade, said Wade Holden, analyst at SN Nymphadora Tonks (* 1973, † 2. Mai 1998) verabscheut ihren Vornamen, weshalb sie am liebsten nur Tonks genannt werden will. Der Name bedeutet Geschenk der Nymphen und wurde von Tonks' Mutter ausgewählt. Sie tritt zum ersten Mal in Harry Potter und der Orden des Phönix auf, als sie mit andere

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File:Nymphadora Tonks HBP.jpg. Nymphadora with her wand during the batte of the Astronomy Tower in June, 1997. Tonks was patrolling the school with Remus and Bill Weasley on the night that the Death Eaters managed to invade the castle, via a Vanishing Cabinet in the Room of Requirement, and fought against them in the Battle of the Astronomy Tower in 1997 Nymphadora Lupin (nee Tonks) (c. 1973 - 2 May 1998) was the only daughter of Andromeda Black and Edward Tonks, the wife of Remus Lupin, and the mother of Edward Lupin. She was the 1st cousin once removed of Sirius Black III and Regulus Black II, the niece of Bellatrix Black and Narcissa Black, the cousin of Delphini Riddle and Draco Malfoy, and the 1st cousin once removed of Scorpio Malfoy Nymphadora Tonks is a witch in Harry Potter and is the Love Interest of Remus Lupin. She was played by Natalie Tena in the movies. 1 Backstory 2 In Harry Potter 2.1 Order of the Phoenix 2.2 Half-Blood Prince 2.3 Deathly Hallows Nymphadora Tonks came from a Muggle (non-magical) father, and a witch mother. She was at Hogwarts as a kid and may have been in the same classes as Bellatrix Lestrange. Tonks accompanies twelve Order members to take Harry from the Dursleys' home to The Burrow. She flies with Ron, who impersonates Harry using Polyjuice Potion to throw the Death Eaters off the real Harry's trail. During the aerial battle, Tonks fights Bellatrix again, and injures Bellatrix's husband, Rodolphus The Four Faces of Nymphadora Tonks. A/N: Don't own a thing, especially not HP. I hope you enjoy this one. Italics denote thoughts. Bold is for spells. Shout out to Chaos Shadow Kitsune, who had this idea. I just filled in the details for them. The Burrow. Tonks was at the Burrow visiting when her favorite song by the Weird Sisters came on

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Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks; Nymphadora Tonks; Remus Lupin; Canonical Character Death; Redemption; Sort of? - Freeform; Making sense of a pairing; Summary. As she imagined that war would be equal, the strong against the strong, so too she imagines that if only Remus would love her, then things will turn out all right Nymphadora Tonks was the daughter of muggle-born wizard Ted Tonks and his pure-blood wife Andromeda Black, the sister of the leading female Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy, Draco Malfoy's mother and the wife of Lucius Malfoy Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks met when they both became members of the second Order of the Phoenix.At some point before the summer of 1996, Tonks fell deeply in love with Remus. Although he returned her feelings he refused to become involved with her. He claimed that he was too poor, too old, and too dangerous for her, despite her repeatedly telling him that his lycanthropy did not matter. Nymphadora Tonks (7036) Remus Lupin (4830) Harry Potter (3625) Sirius Black (3236) Hermione Granger (2863) Ron Weasley (2380) Severus Snape (2138) Ginny Weasley (1922) Albus Dumbledore (1912) Draco Malfoy (1891) Include Relationships Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks (2212) Sirius Black/Remus Lupin (1119) Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley (578 Välkommen till Heromic. Vi säljer Harry Potter - Nymphadora Tonks Wand Replica för endast 199.00 kr. Hos oss kan du köpa allt inom actionfigurer och samlarobjekt

Nymphadora Tonks House: Hufflepuff Family: Edward Tonks (dad) Andromeda Tonks (mum) Patronus: Formerly a Jack Rabbit, now a wolf Partner: Remus Lupin Wand: Unknown Affiliations: Order of the Phoenix Birthday: Sometime in 1972/1973 Death Day: May 2nd, 1998 Cause of Death: Murdered by her Aunt Bellatrix Lestrang Nymphadora Tonks: The Last Auror. Book 2 of the Iron and Magic series by mugglesftw. Authors note: This document Beta'd by InquisitorCOC. Harry Potter owned by JK Rowling. This is a work of fiction. Depictions of real persons, locations, and political events are fictitious. There is no wizarding world. There was no wizarding war

T he The violet-haired Metamorphmagus brought a splash of colour to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We celebrate the chapter where we first met her. First impressions really can mean a lot. After all, with four books under our belts, and myriad magical characters we had already met and fallen in love with, the introduction of Nymphadora Tonks, the upbeat and clumsy young Auror took. nymphadora tonks. on Spotify. Saved by Spotify. 230. Harry Potter Gif Tonks Harry Potter Mundo Harry Potter Harry Potter Icons Harry Potter Pictures Harry Potter Aesthetic Harry Potter Wallpaper Harry Potter Characters Fictional Characters Nymphadora Tonks's popularity ranking on CharacTour is #478 out of 5,600+ characters. See our top-ranked characters and read their profiles. Take CharacTour's quiz to get recommendations for thousands of characters, movies, TV shows, books, and games that are high matches for YOUR unique personality

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Nymphadora Tonks karakteri, her olayda oldukça önemli rol oynamış olsa da, tüm seri boyunca yalnızca 13 satır diyaloga sahiptir. (Harry Potter ve Zümrüdüanka Yoldaşlığı'nda 4, Melez Prens'te 4, Ölüm Yadigarları 1'de 5 satır Nymphadora Tonks was content. Her life had not exactly been easy the last year; after her cousin dying and Remus Lupin supposedly having a death wish as he tried to infiltrate the werewolf camps. That was not forgetting the death of Albus Dumbledore Sep 2, 2018 - Explore Joanne Frankenfield's board Nymphadora Tonks, followed by 119 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about nymphadora tonks, harry potter, tonks and lupin

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5 quotes have been tagged as nymphadora-tonks: J.K. Rowling: 'You see! said a strained voice. Tonks was glaring at Lupin. She still wants to marry him,.. Nymphadora Tonks zo ur sorserez e romantoù Harry Potter, skrivet gant J. K. Rowling.Ezel e oa eus ar c'hoskoriad anvet Hufflepuff e skol Hogwarts.Labourat a ra bremañ evel auror evit maodierndi an hudouriezh hag ezel eo eus Urzh ar Feniks.Ne blij ket dezhi hec'h anv-badez, Nymphadora. Mont a reer outi eta dre he anv familh, Tonks. Kaoz zo anezhi adalek trede chabistr ar pempvet levrenn. Browse through and read or take tonks death stories, quizzes, and other creation

They're very clean, these Muggles. It's unnatural - Nymphadora Tonks Character Name: Nymphadora Tonks Character Series: The Harry Potter Series Time Taken: Both costumes had about 20-25 hours work put into them for different reasons on each. Events Worn At: Collectormania 13/14/16/17, LFACC 2010/2011 Nymphadora Dora Tonks is a Metamorphmagus, an Auror and a member of the Order of the Phoenix. She is described as having Tonks later fights the Death Eaters at the Department of Mysteries, in which she was injured by Bellatrix, and had to be taken to St Mungo's hospital Andromeda Tonks is a member of the pure-blood Black family, although she was disowned by her family when she married a Muggle, Ted Tonks. She is the mother of Nymphadora Tonks.1 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Nymphadora Tonks Personality Statistics. Nymphadora Tonks is a character from Harry Potter. This page summarizes crowd sourced ratings of their personality collected from users of the Statistical Which Character Personality Quiz.People who take the quiz are asked if they would also be willing to volunteer to rate characters that they know

Don't call her Nymphadora, but don't think you know everything about Tonks, either, if you have only seen her in the Harry Potter films! While Natalia Tena is a lovely actress, she just wasn't given the time or space to develop into the Tonks readers know and love from the Harry Potter series, a complaint that many fans had of the films. She's never truly explained and exists more as an Easter. Ted Tonks (abt 1950 - 1998) was a Muggle-born wizard, the husband of Andromeda, and the father of Nymphadora Tonks.By marrying Andromeda, who was born into a prejudiced pure-blood family, he singled her out for scorn by most of her relatives.The couple had one child, who later became a member of the Order of the Phoenix during the Second Wizarding War Välkommen till Heromic. Vi säljer Harry Potter Wand - Nymphadora Tonks för endast 399.00 kr. Hos oss kan du köpa allt inom actionfigurer och samlarobjekt Source Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixNymphadora Tonks Nymphadora Tonks was a member of the Order of the Phoenix. 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Skills and abilities 5 Appearances 6 References 7 External links Description here. Description here. Description here. Description..

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Andromeda Tonks, A Harry Potter sorozat egyik szereplője.. Andromeda Tonks (születési neve: Andromeda Black) Ted Tonks felesége, Nymphadora Tonks a lánya és Teddy Lupin nagyanyja. Az apja Cygnus Black, az anyja Druella Rosier. A testvérei: Narcissa Malfoy (Black) és Bellatrix Lestrange (Black). A család legcsendesebb és legvisszahúzódóbb tagja Bekijk wat Nymphadora Tonks (Nymphadora11) heeft ontdekt op Pinterest, 's werelds grootste verzameling ideeën

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Varita de Tonks fabricada en PVC dentro de la colección de varitas de Harry Potter.El regalo perfecto para cosplayers y niñas/os por su resistencia y acabados de calidad.. Características: - Fabricado en PVC de gran calidad. - Tamaño aproximado 30 cm. - Incluye punto de libro 3D. - Producto oficial y licenciado por Warner Bros. - Varita de Nymphadora Tonks PVC / Varita Tonks PVC / Varitas. Nymphadora Tonks / Silver 2 43LP / 66W 64L Win Ratio 51% Savage - Nymphadora Tonks, John Dawlish és Proudfoot munkatársa a hatodik kötetben, Roxmorts és Roxfort védelmezésénél. Kingsley Shacklebolt a Főnix Rendjének egyik tagja. Magas, fekete bőrű, kopasz ember, arany fülbevalót visel. Mély hangú, ezt J.K. Rowling többször említi könyveiben

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Remus Lupin: Nymphadora Tonks, sadece soyadıyla çağrılmak isteyen kişi. Nymphadora Tonks: Eğer aptal annen seni de Nymphadora diye isimlendirseydi sen de aynı şeyi isterdin. Nymphadora'nın isminden ne kadar nefret ettiğini anlattığı bir konuşma. Andromeda'nın, kızında ya da Ted'de olmayan temizlik yetenekleri mevcuttu Play nymphadora tonks music Sign up→ SIGN IN. SIGN IN. harry potter remus lupin remadora ToNks remus/tonks fanmix Florence + the Machine A Fine Frenzy Coldplay Death Cab for Cutie The Vaccines The Weepies hp Belle and Sebastian Bon Iver City and Colour Frightened Rabbit Grizzly Bear Joan Jett M83 Molotov Jukebox Casey Kunze: Who killed remus and tonks I think if I knew this, I would get some closure over the very sad, but understandable, death of two of my favorite characters . J.K. Rowling: Remus was killed by Dolohov and Tonks by Bellatrix. Dolohov was in a few duels. pity no-one did something like snap his wand earlier nymphadora tonks death. Leave a Comment / Uncategorized. Minifigures first introduced in Video Games, protecting Harry from the Death Eater, before focusing on Bellatrix Lestrange. The Order led the fight against Voldemort in the fifth installment while the Minister of Magic refused to accept the return of Voldemort Nymphadora Tonks is the daughter to muggle-born wizard Ted Tonks and Pureblood witch Andromeda Tonksnee Black. Tonks is a Half-blood witch/metamorphagus. Later on in life she dates and marries Half-Blood Wizard/werewolf Remus Lupin and the pair goes on to have one son Teddy Lupin who is also a metapmorphagus like his mother.. She is also the step-mother to Neville Longbottom via Remus

Tonks is a full-time Auror and a part-time mum whose wee one runs about with her grandparents while mum's busy saving the world. 1 Nymphadora Tonks 2 External 3 Internal 4 History 5 Meta Nicknames/Aliases: Tonks. Very few have permission to call her Dora. Occupation: Tonks is an Auror, and she has been for nearly fifteen years. She's risen through the ranks and enjoys her job greatly, even to. Post by @naurarwen1. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email Nymphadora Tonks 1973-1998 är en fiktiv person i Harry Potter-böckerna av JK Rowling och medverkar för första gången i Harry Potter och Fenixorden.Tonks föredrar att bli kallad endast vid sitt efternamn. Hon beskrivs som en ung kvinna i tjugofemårsåldern, en auror och en medlem av Fenixorden.Som en metamorfmagus kan Tonks förändra sitt utseende efter behov, vilket är bra för henne.

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Nymphadora Tonks and Bellatrix Lestrange are both related to the Black family. However, while Tonks turned out normal and fought for the good, Bellatrix turned out crazy and evil. Though these witches may be related they say incredibly different things because of their upbringings 1 Statistics 2 Home Life 3 Personal Life 4 Aesthetics 5 History 6 Current Activities 7 Meta Full name: Nymphadora Erato Tonks Age: 31 Date of birth: September 14th, 1973 Blood: Half-blood Wand: Almond wood with an Ashwinder Ash core. It's twelve inches and very good for protection. Alumni: Tonks is a former Hufflepuff, attending Hogwarts from 1984 to 1991. Affiliation: She's worked for the. We're sisters Aurora., Tonks stated. We're not sisters! We will never be sisters Nymphadora, that Blood Traitor may have given birth to both of us but get this through your head One seemed extremely familiar. Tonks nearly swore out loud. Remus was intelligent enough to quickly cast a patronus and hope for help. Tonks could only hope that they would get here in time. As a matter of fact, Tonks didn't really want to serious injure or kill one of these Death Eaters Ted Tonks was a Muggle-born wizard killed during the Second Wizarding War. He was the father of Nymphadora Tonks.1 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow

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Nymphadora Tonks. Historical records and family trees related to Nymphadora Tonks. Records may include photos, original documents, family history, relatives, Nymphadora passed away on month day 1998, at age 25 at death place. She was buried on month day 1998, at burial place. Nymphadora Lupin (born Tonks), 1972. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Nymphadora Tonks Death Scene animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>> Nymphadora Tonks and Daniel Potter are first cousins on the Black side of the family, so their romantic relationship was disapproved by most of the family. Tonks and Daniel originally met while they were both still in Hogwarts; her being a seventh-year Hufflepuff prefect and him being a first-year Ravenclaw troublemaker Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011) Natalia Tena as Nymphadora Tonks. Menu. Movies. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight Andromeda Black Tonks & Nymphadora Tonks (22) Andromeda Black Tonks/Ted Tonks (11) Teddy Lupin & Andromeda Black Tonks (6) Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks (4) Regulus Black & Sirius Black (3) Bellatrix Black Lestrange & Narcissa Black Malfoy & Andromeda Black Tonks (3) Bellatrix Black Lestrange/Voldemort (3) Sirius Black & Nymphadora Tonks (3

Unique Nymphadora Tonks Stickers designed and sold by artists. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. Get up to 50% off. White or transparent Natalia Tena: Nymphadora Tonks. Showing all 5 items Jump to: Photos (4) Quotes (1) Photos . Quotes [Tonks and Ron arrive at the Burrow. Hermione hugs Ron gratefully] Nymphadora Tonks : Deserves that. Brilliant, he was. Wouldn't be standing here without him. Hermione Granger. High quality Nymphadora Tonks inspired device cases by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Nymphadora Tonks is one of the most important characters in the destiny of Harry Potter and Hogwarts. Nymphadora Tonks, also known as Tonks or Dora too. She took the name of Nymphadora Lupin after she had married. She is the only child of Andromeda Tonk and Ted Nymphadora Tonks, who prefers to be known by surname only, is a Metamorphmagus as well as a half-blood witch. She can usually be seen sporting Bubble Gum pink hair and punk-ish clothing. She is introduced as an Auror in the Order of the Phoenix, as the society's newest member. Tonks partakes in several crucial events that eventually lead to Voldemort's fall #Wow I actually posted #malfoy family #narcissa malfoy #narcissa black #bellatrix black #bellatrix lestrange #rodolphus lestrange #rabastan lestrange #andromeda black #andromeda tonks #ted tonks #nymphadora tonks #nymphadora lupin #remus lupin #teddy lupin #lucius malfoy #draco malfoy #drarry #Harry Potter #dramione #hermione granger #death.

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